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  • DYNAMIS Batterien GmbH in Dettingen / Konstanz Germany

For 10 Years DYNAMIS Batterien GmbH in Dettingen on Lake Constance. The centre of competence for batteries and innovative battery products.

As a manufacturer of battery packs, DYNAMIS Batterien GmbH has been
active since 2008 in the field of intelligent energy storage solutions.

By producing at our headquarters in Dettingen, we offer products 'Made
in Germany'. This ensures lasting quality and on-schedule production.
Our employees, with their professional expertise, work closely assisting

DYNAMIS manufactures both standard accumulator and battery packs
as well as specially tailored designs to meet customers' wishes. Working
closely with customers, our engineers develop and design new battery
solutions. In all common chemical systems, especially the innovative lith-
ium technology, we assist our customers from the project phase to suc-
cessful series production. We ensure the continuous support of running
series and optimise series as well.

One of the focuses of our activities is the complete development of hard-
ware and software for customized battery management systems, inclu-
ding coordinated hardware production for DYNAMIS battery products.

To complement our high-quality battery products, our DYNAMIS Test Labo-
ratory has been in operation since autumn 2012. We offer tests in accor-
dance with UN 38.3 and IEC 62133, along with further comprehensive elec-
trical tests for cells and batteries.

ISO Certificate